Monday, January 11, 2021

Eggs Eggs Eggs!!!

 YES, our hens are laying eggs in the winter, and NO we do not use artificial light to extend their laying season. If you can guess how we do it you will win FREE EGGS!

Otherwise, YES we have eggs for sale. Call/Text/Email to check availability. We usually sell out on the weekends!

$0.50 per egg

914 885 four eight one four

OurDinoFarm@g m a i l 

We are located in Newton, Massachusetts, the Garden City.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Rent Dinosaur Chickens in 2021. Sign up now!

 Rent Our Dino Chickens!

Our Dino Farm is offering 2 packages for 2021:

Watch them lay!
With this package, you are going to get eggs, lots of eggs. Available from March 2021.

Watch them grow!
Watch them grow from baby chicks to awkward pullets until they finally become laying hens. Available from May 2021.

And yes! We offer chicken sitting and consultation services! 

Thank you kindly,
Andrew & Christopher

See ya 'round Our Dino Farm

Contact us with your questions and secure your place in line!
914 885 - four eight one four
OurDinoFarm@ g m a i l .com 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Volunteer Interns Wanted - must love Our Dino Chickens! is looking for Volunteer Interns
Must love dinosaur chickens!

We operate a tiny teaching farm in Newton MA. We are looking for one or two locals who would love to learn Urban Farming and Permaculture while working on Our Farm.

Our Farm is active in the following areas:
Dino Chicken and other Fowl rearing and keeping
Dino Chicken Rentals, including coop assembly, disassembly, predator protection, customization & fencing
Warre Beekeeping
Mycelium and Mushrooms
Foraging and Wildcrafting, including the harvesting of beneficial "weeds"
Food Forestry
Sales, Marketing & Communication, using CRM databases
Tracking Inventory via Excel spreadsheets
Our Farm is licensed to keep fowl in Newton and licensed to transport fowl by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. is an educational not for profit
Volunteer Interns will have access to's library, reference material & network of contacts.
Through Volunteer Interns will support the activities of Our Farm and the farming efforts of other members & beneficiaries. 

Interns will be encouraged to engage in their own Urban Farming and Permaculture projects!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Our Dino Chicken Rentals

The mid-season combo specials are here!

Rent Our Dino Chickens!

Watch them lay and grow!

Normally $595, now only $395 base rate for the rest of the season! that's more than 30% off!

Our Farm is offering a new mid-season special at the mid-season price.
This package is great for kids who want young birds and adults who want eggs!

We've put together two new special packages of 4 different breeds of Our Dino Chickens. These exciting combinations include 1 laying hen and 3 pullets. The laying hen is either our show quality White Leghorn (rented), who lays a beautiful white egg, like clockwork, or our blue/green pastel colored egg-laying Easter Egger (available). Each package also includes three younger sisters; an exquisite Golden Laced Wyandotte, a fancy dressed Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a darling Plymouth Barred Rock.

Please check out our video and photos below, as well as a link to our Craigslist ad. 
And yes! We offer chicken sitting services! usually $25 per comprehensive visit

Andrew & Christopher

See ya 'round Our Farm
914 885 - four eight one four

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mid-Season Specials! Dino Chickens & Coops Sales & Rentals

The bees are buzzing and Our Dino Chickens are clucking.
It's time for 
Mid-Season Specials!

Contact us for unpublished specials! 

Mention this post's keyword: JULY2021 and receive a minimum of 10% off!

Coops for rent
Dino Chickens for rent
Chicken sitting services, usually $25 per comprehensive visit

Coops for sale
Young Hens & Pullets for sale, currently SOLD OUT
Chicken accessories for sale

Aquaponics Consulting and more!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Fully Feathered Pullets For Sale

We are currently SOLD OUT

We have a limited number of Fully Feathered Pullets for sale. These young hens are still in the brooder, but ready for a coop soon. They will be laying eggs by November 2020. More pictures coming soon.

Fully Feathered Pullets $35 each

We have the following breeds available:
Plymouth Barred Rocks
Golden Laced Wyandottes
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Mottled Javas

We also offer chicken sitting services. usually $25 per comprehensive visit.

These birds are being sold as agricultural livestock and not as pets.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Welcome to Our Dino Farm

supports and is supported by

Our Dino Farm grows everything from Bees to Birds to Boys.

We are based in Newton, Massachusetts, USA 
updated September 8, 2020

Currently Renting:

We have POL (Point Of Laying) Dino Hens, Pullets, and young Chicks

Our Dinosaur Breeds include:

Plymouth Barred Rocks
Speckled Sussex
Russian Orloffs
Golden Laced Wyandottes
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Black Copper Marans
Mottled Javas
Cream Legbars
Whiting True Greens
Easter Eggers
African Chickens

Our rentals are all-inclusive or a la carte. Details below.

For Sale:

Chickens, Chicken Coops, Feed, and all Accessories
We often have limited inventory but can source anything you may need for thriving chickens.

Dino Chicken and Coop Rentals:

Are you interested in keeping chickens? Would you like to try before you buy? Or maybe you don't want to be bothered keeping them over New England's winter? Renting chickens and a coop might be right for you!

This is an opportunity for a fantastic learning experience that we will be offering from Our Dino Farm in Newton, Massachusetts.

Our all-inclusive package comes with a coop, feeder, waterer, 50lb bag of feed, 35lb bag of pine shavings, grit, crushed oyster shell, diatomaceous earth, 2-6 birds (depending on the age of the hens), assistance with the licensing/permitting process for fowl (which is easy in Newton, MA, and we have information about other neighboring towns), online information, and an e-book on how to rear chickens. Telephone, text & email support as needed. We set everything up and take everything away at the end of the rental. You choose how long you want to rent.

If you love Our Dino Chickens so much you want to keep them, there's an option to buy the chickens, coop, and accessories or any combination at the end of the rental. There is a holiday chicken sitting option, where we take care of your birds in their coop at your house. We can also set up a fenced-in chicken yard and even add extra predator proofing if needed. Our coops are suitable for winter, so there is also an option for year-round rental.

We are looking to do a soft start with some local families that have an interest. We have 3 stages of birds available, POL (Point of Laying) Dino Hens, younger pullets, and baby chicks (which also require a brooder, rather than just coop rental).

Our new Sentinel Coop holds 2-6 birds! We should be ready to start the first rental on Father's Day weekend!!! You may end the rental at any time (sorry no refunds) prior to mid-November, when we would need to bed the birds down for winter.

The complete rental with the Dino Chickens & Sentinel Coop for the 2020 season is $595 
plus delivery, setup, disassembly, removal & any extras.
We are currently running mid-season specials on everything! 

Consulting Services:

We are able to provide consulting and guided workshops on a number of topics, including, but not limited to Permaculture, Aquaponics, and Urban Animal Husbandry

Current Craigslist ad

Chicken sitting is usually $25 per comprehensive visit

We are specifically experienced with; chickens, guinea fowl, fish, goats, pigs, bees, rabbits, donkeys, black soldier fly larvae, mycelium, children, and community.

Please email: OurDinoFarm @  and/or
Farmer @ for more information 

We were previously incubated at