Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Dino Chickens for sale! Started Pullets, Cockerels and Young Chicks! SOLD OUT

 Chickens for sale! Currently SOLD OUT!

This is an advertisement for the legal sale of livestock in Massachusetts, USA

We are pleased to announce that we have a limited number of started Pullets, Cockerels, and younger straight-run Chicks for sale. Breeds follow:

Gold Laced Wyandottes and
Golden Sussex (Gold Laced Wyandotte crossed with a Speckled Sussex hen)

Our Dino Farm's Started Pullets will become Laying Hens and produce EGGS by early this Fall!

We have Laying Hens & Coops for rent, and
we have Chicks and Brooders for rent.


Our flock is "Massachusetts U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean," as found by MDAR (Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources) when our flock was blood tested. Upon request, a copy of the certificate can be provided with every rental or purchase. In addition, we can supply you with useful biosecurity information from the USDA.

We specialize in Urban & Suburban Permaculture.