Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Volunteer Interns Wanted - must love Our Dino Chickens!

SAVEfarms.org is looking for Volunteer Interns
Must love dinosaur chickens!

We operate a tiny teaching farm in Newton MA. We are looking for one or two locals who would love to learn Urban Farming and Permaculture while working on Our Farm.

Our Farm is active in the following areas:
Dino Chicken and other Fowl rearing and keeping
Dino Chicken Rentals, including coop assembly, disassembly, predator protection, customization & fencing
Warre Beekeeping
Mycelium and Mushrooms
Foraging and Wildcrafting, including the harvesting of beneficial "weeds"
Food Forestry
Sales, Marketing & Communication, using CRM databases
Tracking Inventory via Excel spreadsheets
Our Farm is licensed to keep fowl in Newton and licensed to transport fowl by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SAVEfarms.org is an educational not for profit
Volunteer Interns will have access to SAVEfarms.org's library, reference material & network of contacts.
Through SAVEfarms.org Volunteer Interns will support the activities of Our Farm and the farming efforts of other SAVEfarms.org members & beneficiaries. 

Interns will be encouraged to engage in their own Urban Farming and Permaculture projects!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Our Dino Chicken Rentals

The mid-season combo specials are here!

Rent Our Dino Chickens!

Watch them lay and grow!

Normally $595, now only $395 base rate for the rest of the season! that's more than 30% off!

Our Farm is offering a new mid-season special at the mid-season price.
This package is great for kids who want young birds and adults who want eggs!

We've put together two new special packages of 4 different breeds of Our Dino Chickens. These exciting combinations include 1 laying hen and 3 pullets. The laying hen is either our show quality White Leghorn (rented), who lays a beautiful white egg, like clockwork, or our blue/green pastel colored egg-laying Easter Egger (available). Each package also includes three younger sisters; an exquisite Golden Laced Wyandotte, a fancy dressed Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a darling Plymouth Barred Rock.

Please check out our video and photos below, as well as a link to our Craigslist ad. 
And yes! We offer chicken sitting services! usually $25 per comprehensive visit

Andrew & Christopher

See ya 'round Our Farm
914 885 - four eight one four

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mid-Season Specials! Dino Chickens & Coops Sales & Rentals

The bees are buzzing and Our Dino Chickens are clucking.
It's time for 
Mid-Season Specials!

Contact us for unpublished specials! 

Mention this post's keyword: JULY2021 and receive a minimum of 10% off!

Coops for rent
Dino Chickens for rent
Chicken sitting services, usually $25 per comprehensive visit

Coops for sale
Young Hens & Pullets for sale, currently SOLD OUT
Chicken accessories for sale

Aquaponics Consulting and more!