Tuesday, September 14, 2021

SOLD OUT! Fresh Frozen Heritage Roosters!

Thank you!

We have a limited number of fresh frozen heritage soup roosters for sale, whole bird only. They were hatched and raised here at Our Dino Farm. 

This past Saturday the roosters were processed at a USDA facility, Baffoni's Poultry Farm in RI (cost $6/bird).

All of these roos were either Gold Laced Wyandottes or Gold Laced Wyandotte crossed with Speckled Sussex. We are selling them below cost, at $6/lb, which we think is appropriate for a backyard soup chicken (cost is around $10/lb). The smallest are around 2.5 lbs and the larger ones are over 4 lbs.

If you've never eaten a heritage rooster before, it's nothing like what;s for sale in the supermarket. These birds ran around and did all the things that roosters do. They were not bred for meat. They have small breasts. When I bit into a leg I immediately thought of the taste of a turkey leg! Super nutritious!
Let us know if you are interested!

914 885 four eight one four

OurDinoFarm@g m a i l 

We are located in Newton, Massachusetts, the Garden City.