Tuesday, March 15, 2022

EGGS EGGS! Fresh Dino Eggs for Sale!

Message from the President of Our Dino Farm, Andrew (11yo), regarding our eggs...

YES, we have Nest Run Super Fresh Dino Chicken Eggs for sale. Call/Text/Email to order. Contact info below...

Super Fresh Nest Run Heirloom Eggs

from our Free Range Backyard Heritage Dino Hens! 6 x 🥚 = $4.00 12 x 🥚 = $8.00 24 x 🥚 = $16.00

Current Dino breeds on display: Plymouth Barred Rock Mottled Java Silver Laced Wyandotte Gold Laced Wyandotte Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Speckled Sussex Gold Sussex (our own breed!) White Leghorn Russian Orloff Easter Egger Whiting True Blue Cream Legbar New Hampshire Red Australorp Buff Orpington Buff Silkie Buckeye Partridge Rock

914 885 four eight one four

OurDinoFarm@g m a i l 

We are located in Newton, Massachusetts, the Garden City.