Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sold Out! Heritage Laying Hens For Sale!

Thank you for your interest. We are SOLD OUT! 

Chickens, Laying Hens & Started Pullets For Sale!

This is an advertisement for the legal sale of livestock in Massachusetts.

We have a limited number of Heritage Laying Hens and 2-mth old pullets for sale.
$45 ea. & $25 ea.

The types of Heritage Hens follow:
2 x Plymouth Barred Rocks
1 x Silver Laced Wyandotte
1 x Australorp
1 x New Hampshire Red
1 x Cuckoo Maran

Our flock is "Massachusetts U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean," as found by MDAR (Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources) when our flock was blood tested. Upon request, a copy of the certificate can be provided with every rental or purchase. In addition, we can supply you with useful biosecurity information from the USDA.

We specialize in Urban & Suburban Permaculture Education.

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